Advantages of Appointing Ship Owners’ Own Agencies at Bangladesh Port

In the complex and competitive world of maritime shipping, the choice between engaging a Protection and Indemnity (P&I) correspondent and appointing a ship owner’s agency at the port is critical. This decision impacts the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operations and the ability to safeguard the ship owner’s interests in a landscape where insurance premiums are high and coverage may vary. In light of these considerations, appointing an owner’s agent at port emerges as a superior option, especially for tasks such as cargo discharge supervision, draft surveys, crew claims, and the repatriation of deceased crew members.

Cost Efficiency and Avoidance of Additional Expenses

One of the primary benefits of utilizing an owner’s agent rather than a P&I correspondent is the potential for significant cost savings. P&I correspondents typically charge for their services on an hourly basis, which can lead to substantial additional expenses for ship owners. In contrast, an owner’s agent, especially one with a strong reputation and extensive experience in the industry, can provide a wide range of services without the extra costs associated with P&I correspondents. This approach enables ship owners to avoid unnecessary expenditures and optimize their operations financially.

Dependability and Market Reputation

The dependability and market reputation of shipping agents are invaluable assets in the maritime industry. An experienced and reputable agent can navigate the complexities of port operations, ensuring that all activities are conducted smoothly and efficiently. Their established relationships and expertise can help in mitigating issues that may arise during cargo operations, crew management, or other port activities. By relying on an owner’s agent with a proven track record, ship owners can trust that their interests are being protected and advanced at every turn.

Bias and Conflict of Interest

In the evolving landscape of the shipping industry, where cargo receivers are becoming ship owners and maintaining entries with different P&I clubs for various levels of coverage, the potential for bias and conflict of interest increases. When a P&I correspondent represents multiple parties within the same transaction, their ability to impartially protect the international ship owner’s interests may be compromised. This concern is particularly acute when local P&I correspondents may favor local parties, thereby putting international ship owners at a disadvantage.

In such situations, appointing an owner’s agent offers a clear advantage. An owner’s agent, solely representing the interests of the ship owner, is inherently more likely to provide unbiased support and advocacy. This dedicated representation ensures that the ship owner’s interests in Bangladesh are prioritized and protected, free from the potential conflicts of interest that may arise with P&I correspondents.


The shipping industry’s competitive nature and the high stakes involved in maritime operations necessitate careful consideration of how best to represent and protect ship owners’ interests at port. The appointment of an owner’s own agency offers numerous benefits, including cost savings, dependability, and the avoidance of potential biases and conflicts of interest. In an environment where efficiency, financial optimization, and unbiased representation are paramount, the choice to rely on an owner’s agent is not only strategic but essential for safeguarding the interests of ship owners in the complex global shipping landscape.

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