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Marine & Cargo Survey at Chittagong, Mongla & Payra Ports, Bangladesh

Panocean Limited serving in Bangladesh since 2003, with the mission to provide a one-stop professional service in shipping, transportation, marine and cargo surveys. Panocean is the first company in Bangladesh that has introduced an online LIVE reporting system so that Principals gets the report at the same time of the survey.


How LIVE SURVEY Reporting Works to Protect Your Interest:

Principals can access the images, video clips taken during the survey program. The images, video clips, and reports are uploaded at the secured online link ( with dedicated password and code to access the link for the respective matter) immediately almost at the same time during the survey. NO NEED TO WAIT ANYMORE or days for survey report or to know the outcome of the survey findings. Seeing is believing, and we believe in this concept.

In addition of LIVE Survey Reporting, we also provide usually used very informative report so that Principals’ interests are well protected.



This service is available for the following survey-

1) Bulk/ bagged cargo discharge supervision

2) Container unloading program

3) Off Hire Bunker survey. More Details

4) Project cargo survey, unloading, supervision and delivery at the receiver’s premises.

5) Condition Survey. More Details

PANOCEAN LIMITED wants to assure you the best service once your vessel is at Chattogram or Mongla or Payra port/anchorage. Please avail our free consultation service, sending email at info@panoceanbd.com , panoceanbd@gmail.com

Cargo Discharge Supervision at Recent Vessels

When there is requirements for Neutral and most reliable survey and reporting, Panocean survey team can be the best ultimate option for Bangladesh. We offer complete cargo discharge supervision with LIVE reporting in addition of  OPA assistance. Cargo supervision includes following and indeed in a cost-effective manner for followings-

01. Discharging supervision
02. Daily cargo report
03. Barge itinerary
04. Daily SOF recap
05. Stevedore activity monitoring
06. Daily activity coordination with Charterers agent
07. Assisting Master upon request (relaying same to us in writing)

Any inquiry, please email at info@panoceanbd.com