Marine & Cargo Survey

Chittagong, Mongla & Payra

PANOCEAN Limited. is an independent, third-party surveying company, established in the year 1999. We have a team of highly competent and experienced Marine, Technical and Cargo Surveyors supported by experienced and trained technical staff, capable of conducting a variety of Marine surveys and Audits. Our surveyors are available 24 x 7 to attend to any urgent requirement or an on-going assignment. We are proud of our track record, exceptional response times and high standards of performance. We are committed to follow high safety standards in our work and produce the best quality results for our clients.

Off Hire Bunker Survey

Our master mariner well-experienced surveys conduct on hire / OFF hire BUNKER and condition survey on behalf of charterers or owners, along with a wide range of services.  Our surveyors will need to have knowledge of relevant C/P terms between owners & charterers in respect of vessel’s consumptions at sea & port, the position of Re-delivery, names of parties to be entered in the Re-delivery Certificate etc. We prefer to request our Principals to update us in the following ways-

Laden  abt …. k on abt …. mts hfo (380/180 cst)
Ballast abt ….. k on abt …. mts hfo (380/180 cst)
In port idle  : abt ….. mts hfo pd
In port gear working: abt ….. mts hfo pd irrespective of how many cranes in operation during load/discharge When ballasting / deballasting vessel consumes additional abt …… mts hfo per day.
Once tank dip/ullage is completed, the ROB of bunkers are calculated basis ullage/sounding of each tank corrected for trim & list, gross observed volume (GOV) from tank table, density @15°C (as per BDN), observed temperature of each tank, VCF from table 54B, Gross standard volume (GSV) of each tank, metric tons in each tank and summery of total quantity of bunkers on board (ROB) at the time survey.  If NOMINATED BY CHARTERER, THEN CHECK WITH US HOW WE PROTECT INTEREST. 


1. Handling of Mineral Oil, Gaseous Cargoes, LPG, VCM, Edible Oils & Liquid Chemicals.
2. Sampling & gauging of the ship & shore tanks for assessment quality & quantity of consignments.
3. Ship & shore tank inspection for cleanliness & fitness of tanks to receive the designated cargo.
4. Supervision of delivery of liquid bulk cargoes from shore terminals to ultimate receivers.


We provide the following container services:
1. On / Off-Hire Surveys of all types of containers in accordance with IICL/ ISO and Cargo worthy Standards.
2. Damage assessment surveys of containers in accordance with IICL, ISO or Lines Standards.
3. Pre / Post Repairs Inspection of Containers & to Scrutiny & Approval of repair cost.
4. Certification of containers for cargo worthiness. Stuffing & De Stuffing Supervision of general & reefer cargoes.
5. Canting, De-Canting & Gas free certification of tank Containers.
6. Superficial condition inspection of containers & verification of “Seals” at time of loading & unloading from Vessels.


We provide the following marine services:
1. P&I Condition Surveys of Vessels
2. Pre-purchase Inspection & Valuation of all types of ships
3. Assessment of Loss & Damage to the Hull & Machinery, recommendations & supervision of repairs
4. Marine Warranty Surveys
5. Draught Surveys for vessel quantum assessment
6. Condition Surveys & Supervision during Loading & Unloading of all types of cargoes, including Liquid Bulk Cargoes & Chemicals
7. On/Off-Hire & Bunker Surveys of all types/size of vessels.


Conflit of Interest

The company is registered with Joint Stock Company In Bangladesh and is the sister concern of Coast To Coast P&I Services Ltd.  Panocean team is unable to assist any Principals or clients for any service, whatsoever, where Coast To Coast P&I Services Ltd. is involved and may cause any conflict of interest.  Regret the inconvenience caused due to our company policy. 

Crew sign on/off

When even we are receiving the request for crew sign on/ off,  most of the issues come are what is the total cost. Below is the idea for this. Normally, the following are applicable suggestions for on signer and off signer Nearest airport is Chittagong and if you crew...

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