Shipping Agency  for Bulk, Liquid or Project Cargo At Chattogram, Mongla

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At Panocean Limited, we specialize in providing unparalleled shipping agency services across the strategic ports of Bangladesh, including Chittagong, Matarbari, Mongla, and Payra. Our expertise spans across handling bulk, liquid, or project cargo with efficiency and professionalism. Whether it’s managing the discharge of cargo or delivering a demo vessel at Chittagong, our dedicated team stands ready to offer comprehensive support tailored to the principal’s needs.

Comprehensive Port and Husbandry Services

Panocean Limited is not just a shipping agency; we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of maritime logistics and operations. Our services are designed to ensure smooth sailing for your vessel and crew, covering every aspect from port entry to departure:

  • Timely Updates and Formalities: From the moment your vessel is set to arrive, we handle all necessary formalities with port and customs authorities, ensuring a seamless entry and exit process.
  • Pilot and Tug Boat Services: We coordinate the essential services required for your vessel’s maneuvering and docking, including pilot and tug boat arrangements.
  • Crew and Quarantine Management: Our team efficiently manages crew updates to local immigration, quarantine pre-arrival reports, and all related documentation for a hassle-free experience.
  • Logistics and Support Services: From bunkering and survey arrangements to stevedore coordination, we provide end-to-end logistics support tailored to your vessel’s specific requirements.
  • OPA and Discharge Supervision: Our OPA services are designed to address the unique challenges shipowners and charterers face, ensuring efficient communication, discharge operations, and STS coordination.

Why Choose Panocean Limited?

  • Expertise Across Key Bangladeshi Ports: Our extensive knowledge of Chittagong, Matarbari, Mongla, and Payra ports positions us as your go-to agency for all maritime needs.
  • Tailored Agency Services: We offer a wide range of services including port agency, on hire/off bunker survey services, and comprehensive discharge supervision with LIVE reporting.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our focus is not only on providing expert services but doing so in a manner that is both cost-effective and tailored to the principal’s specific needs.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Panocean Limited is renowned for its commitment to excellence, efficiency, and client satisfaction. We understand the intricacies of maritime operations and are dedicated to ensuring that your vessel, crew, and cargo receive the highest level of care and professionalism. Our team’s proactive approach and unwavering support make us the preferred choice for shipowners and charterers alike.

Comprehensive Maritime Services in bangladesh

Panocean Limited stands at the forefront of maritime services, offering a suite of specialized solutions designed to meet the complex needs of the shipping industry. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and compliance, our services span across crucial areas including custom clearance, delivery of ship spares, off-hire bunker and condition surveys, crew management, and much more. Here’s an overview of the key services we provide:

Custom Clearance & Delivery of Ship Spares at Vessel

Our custom clearance service ensures the timely and compliant delivery of ship spares directly to vessels. Understanding the critical nature of these deliveries, we handle every step of the process with precision, from paperwork to the physical delivery, ensuring your vessel receives the necessary parts without delay.

Off-Hire Bunker + Condition Survey

To facilitate smooth off-hire transitions, Panocean provides comprehensive bunker and condition surveys. We require detailed information from our principals, including the name of the owner, consumption information, name of the charterer, redelivery place, and any special instructions, to ensure accurate and thorough inspections. The results are meticulously documented, providing clear evidence for the re-delivery certificate.

Crew Sign/Off

Acknowledging the importance of efficient crew management, Panocean streamlines the sign-on and sign-off process. We assist in ensuring all incoming crew members have the necessary approvals to board, and those signing off are given ample time to complete local formalities, typically within one working day, facilitating a smooth transition for all parties involved.

Additional Services

Beyond our core offerings, Panocean’s team of 20 officials at our Head Office in Chittagong coordinates a wide range of additional services tailored to the maritime industry’s needs:

  • Underwater Cleaning: Ensuring the optimal performance of your vessels with professional underwater cleaning services.
  • Tank Cleaning: Providing comprehensive cleaning solutions for all types of tankers, ensuring safety and compliance.
  • Marine Supply: Offering a broad spectrum of marine supplies, from technical equipment to general provisions, ensuring your vessel is fully equipped.
  • Ship’s Spare Custom Clearance and Delivery: Streamlining the process of customs clearance and delivery for essential ship spares.
  • CTM (Cash to Master): Facilitating secure and timely delivery of funds to the vessel’s master for operational expenses.
  • Radio Repair: Expert repair and maintenance services for shipboard communication equipment, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Important Links

For further information on our services and helpful resources for navigating Bangladesh’s ports, please explore the following links:

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  • FAQ for Bangladesh Ports
  • Demo Vessel Delivery
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  • Port’s Arrival Information
  • Marine Warning for Bangladesh

Partner with Panocean Limited

At Panocean Limited, our commitment to excellence and our comprehensive suite of services make us the ideal partner for your maritime needs. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of custom clearances, requiring detailed surveys, managing crew transitions, or seeking additional services like underwater cleaning or tank cleaning, our experienced team is ready to support you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your vessels.

PORT AGENCY service is offered when any shipowners or charterer looking for an independent shipping agency at Chittagong, Matarbari or Mongla to declare their vessel at Port, arrange immediate berthing or discharge operation,  arrange barges, stevedore, ensure SOF for vessel’s interest and delivery of cargo with BL/ LOI as per Principals instruction. In addition of port agency, Panocean Limited is well known for on hire/ off bunker survey service at Chittagong and Mongla, Bangladesh. 

OPA SERVICE: Most of the shipowners or even Charterers require OPA at Chittagong and other ports, as discharge port agents are mostly recommended by sub-charterers or cargo receivers. Crew sign-on/ off, Ships spare customs clearance are often required here. Delay in communication, discharge, and placement of lighter vessel for STS operation, stevedore/ lighter damage to the vessel and SOF manipulation to favor receiver are quite frequent. 

DISCHARGE SUPERVISION: Panocean is experienced in the Marine and Cargo surveys. Once requested to keep Principals’ eye on the vessel, Panocean survey team can offer complete cargo discharge supervision with LIVE reporting in addition of  OPA assistance. Cargo supervision includes following and indeed in a cost-effective manner for followings-

01. Discharging supervision
02. Daily cargo report
03. Barge itinerary
04. Daily SOF recap
05. Stevedore activity monitoring
06. Daily activity coordination with Charterers agent
07. Assisting Master upon request (relaying same to us in writing)

08. Rendering CTM, crew sign-on/ off, demucking at the anchorage of Chattogram Port, Fresh Water supply at Chittagong and Mongla Ports as OPA. Customs Clearance for ship’s spares or Fender arrangement etc.

Services Provided Being Agents

  • Updating port as regards the vessel’s arrival.
  • Completing formalities with port and customs.
  • Booking vessel’s inward, on arrival, and outward after completion of discharge.
  • Arranging the pilot and tug boat services if required.
  • Updating information on the crews to the local immigration authorities
  • Preparing a quarantine pre-arrival report
  • Advising Customs of the ship’s arrival, boarding at the vessel and reporting the cargo on board
  • Support in OPA activities and coordinate if there are any other companies involved.
  • Logistics support for bunkering and survey arrangement if required.
  • Updating the stevedore with the ship’s planner along with the manifest.
  • We do maintain liaising with stevedores and terminal operators to ensure the safe handling of containers, break-bulk and bulk liquids, and ensuring that the ship’s master is aware of shore requirements
  • Sing on and sign off for crews.
  • Carrying our the formalities associated with immigration for crew changes and performing documentation, arrangements of flights.
  • Paying the crew
  • Cooperating for ship services including repairs and maintenance.
  • Coordinating with attending surveyors.
  • Arranging vessel’s sailing formalities and port clearance after completion of discharge.


We Avoid Any Conflit of Interest

Panocean always dedicated to protecting shipowners/charterer’s interest, project consultancy, project management for tanker vessel’s cleaning operation, online live reporting for survey operation. The company is registered with Joint Stock Company In Bangladesh and is the sister concern of Coast To Coast P&I Services LtdPanocean team is unable to assist any Principals or clients for any service, whatsoever, where Coast To Coast P&I Services Ltd. is involved and may cause any conflict of interest.  Regret the inconvenience caused due to our company policy. 

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