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Marine Supply at  Chittagong Port, Matarbari, and Kutubdia.

Service 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances in Port or anchorage of Bangladesh territorial water.

Panocean Limited, a concern of Panocean Group, serving at Chittagong and Mongla Ports since 2003. Marine supply is one of the independent concerns of the Group to ensure quality and quality ship supply at vessels calling at the maritime port of Bangladesh. 

Provisions to Ship spares or pumps, for all types of supply, competitive price, 24/7 availability, and quality marine supply services are our philosophy of Panocean. Shipowners, Ship managers are mostly a concerned for quality marine supply at Chittagong, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

Panocean Limited is registered with the Joint Stock Companies of Bangladesh.   And Enlisted with Port Authority, Customs Authority, and Bangladesh Navy for Port Agency, survey, and supply.

Panocean Limited. maintain own technical expert to supply/ export used reconditioned spares. Either it is used to recondition or provision, quality is our prime criteria. 24/7 support email is

Marine hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and all types of hydraulic equipment etc. that we directly source from Chittagong scrap vessel yards Vatiari, Fauzdarhat, Chattogram. Our skilled technician source the pump from yard based on requirements after full inspection.

Shipowners, Ship manager are mostly a concern for quality marine supply at Chittagong, especially at this COVID-19 pandemic period. And we want to make sure all measures are taken in this respect.

COVID-19 Precaution in Marine Supply at Chittagong

We always make sure that our ship supply official board vessel along with COVID-19 test report and all supply/ packaging are either disinfected or packed properly when delivered at Chittagong, renamed Chattogram, whether the supply carried out at Chittagong port or chittagong anchorage or deep-sea area of Chittagong anchorage Kutubdia. Even, we have a special arrangement to supply at vessel if she has anchored at OPA limit.

 Supply/ Export from Bangladesh

Hydraulic Hand Pump • Hydraulic Jack • Hydraulic Puller System • Hydro Test Pump • Hydraulic Power Pack 

High Pressure Washer Pump • Submersible Pump • Mud Pump • Vertical Pump • Dosing Pump • Vacuum Pump 

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Ship chandler

Professional OPA Service

Service 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances

supplying fresh veggies, fruits and meat to ships in transit

Technical , Provision & Bonded Stores Supply.

Dunnage Supply. Chemical & Cleaning Materials

Charts & Nautical Publications Supply.

Lubricant Oils & Compressor oils

Fumigation services and treatments to marine and offshore facilities, ships, trucks and containers

cleaning the ships cargo holds and tanks

Servicing and Refilling of Co2/Oxygen/Acetylene Cylinders.

Servicing of Life Rafts & Safety Equipment's

Professional service

Regular Services at Maritime Ports

Service 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances

One-Stop Solution for Ship  Supply at Chittagong Port and Anchorage  

Since 2003, Panocean Limited providing cost-effective comprehensive service at Chittagong port and anchorage area for all types of marine supply. We are also associated with bonded warehouse, local production houses, chain stores and scrap yard at Chittagong for direct sourcing of quality marine supply.

Panocean Limited, a concern of Panocean Group, serving at Chittagong and Mongla Ports since 2003. Marine supply is one of independent concern of the Group to ensure quality and quality ship supply at vessels calling at the maritime port of Bangladesh. Competitive price, 24/7 availability and quality marine supply services are our philosophy of Panocean.


Payment  / Condition of  Marine Supply at Chittagong, Bangladesh   

  • We never compromise with QUALITY as such we are unable to provide credit facility whether it is for ship spares, provision or bonded store.
  • Our official will make sure all supply given in accordance with the order sheet and master or ship official will make sure that they received all items properly.
  •  If it is marine spares then Chief Engineer/ vessel’s officials at Chittagong or anchorage will check the spares on board along with our engineer or marine supply official or technician, whoever will board the vessel along with ship spares. Then only if tested properly, work is done or delivery note will be issued. Based on delivery satisfaction and quality supply at the vessel in port or Chittagong anchorage, the master will make the payment or shipowners can make the payment before the vessel’s sailing.
  • The credit facility is only applicable for regular clients for whom we are serving for a long time.



Provision Supply at Vessel and Payment Terms for Chittagong port and anchorage 

  • Quality is first priority and we are unable to compromise with quality as such we are unable to give any commission to anyone or shipping agents. Panocean always committed in comprehensive marine supply service with quality and satisfaction.
  • Owners always want to see that crews are safe as such we are unable to compromise quality and price issue.
  • We are associated with the direct production house and chain stores for provision sourcing at Chittagong. If owners or ship manager need to supply provision then we need to be requested one week before the date of supply.
  • All provision supply will come with an expiry date, where applicable.
  • Our Ship Chandling dept is equipped with well-experienced professionals, however, we always take comments from master as regards onboard support so that we can improve our marine supply dept quality.
  • Prior to supply, images and quality issues will be updated to Principals so they understand the quality and price issue.
  • Master will also cross-check that the supplied provision are all intact and quality. If the case of any discrepancy, the master should reject the supply. But we are unable to give percentage or commission to ship official, as the quality is a priority and we are unable to compromise the ship provision supply quality issue.

Ship Spares Sourcing ( Used), Condition and Supply at Chittagong port and Anchorage. Export after full inspection and customs clearance.


  • We often receive inquiries for Hydraulic Hand Pump, Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic Puller System, Hydro Test Pump,  Hydraulic Power Pack etc. which we source from Chittagong ship demolition yard, do conditioning and supply at the vessel, subject to vessel’s satisfaction. 
  • Shipowners may require reconditioned or used High Pressure Washer Pump • Submersible Pump • Mud Pump • Vertical Pump • Dosing Pump • Vacuum Pump 
  • Heat Exchanger •  Piston Rod • Fuel Pump • Piston Ring Cylinder Cover • Liner • Piston Crown • Piston Skirt •• Nozzle with needle • Main Bearings • Connecting Rod Bearings • Thrust Bearing 
  • We are always active at to reply to any instant inquiry.
  • We have client network across the world including USA, Europe, Middle East, Turkey, Greece and Singapore.

Our Principals ( Most Recent)

 We Served for Crew Sign On/ Off, OPA, CTM, Ship Spares In Transit, Tank Cleaning, Garbage Offlanding, Fresh Water Supply

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  • Waypoint Port Services Private Limited.

Marine Supply Coverage for Chittagong Port

 Mostly we cover all items mentioned below at Chittagong port and anchorage, as well as at Kutubdia or offshore platforms. In Mongla, we have some limitations for items. And delivery charge at Mongla will be extra added due to distance and communication issues. 


  • Fresh, frozen, chilled, tinned; local and imported
  • Baking products and fresh bread
  • Fresh dairy and long-life alternative products
  • Fresh and canned meat, fish, fruit and vegetables
  • A wide assortment of cold cuts and fast food products
  • A wide variety of cereals
  • Dry Provisions

Bonded Store

  • Cigarettes and Tobacco
  • Liqueurs and Spirits
  • Table wine
  • Beer and soft drinks
  • Sweets and desserts
  • Perfumes and extra items

Deck, Mechanical & Engine Spares

  • Marine paints and chemicals, Lubricant Oils
  • Electrical equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Life rafts maintenance, service and supplies
  • Hatchcover tape, available in sizes 3″ / 4″ / 6″
  • Brown Tapes
  • Plastic/Tarpauline/Craft papers
  • Cabin stores in different qualities
  • Ropes, hawsers and wire cables
  • Valves
  • Oil joint Sheet
  • Rubber joint sheets

Safety Equipment

  • SOLAS and MMD approved safety equipment
  • Immersion suits & Chemical suits
  • IMO Symbols / Signs
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Firefighting equipment including hoses with various types of couplings
  • AFFF protein foam and powder extinguishers
  • Breathing devices
  • We have our own Liferafts Service Station at Gujurat i.e for Kandla / Mundra Port
  • Lifebuoys and Life jackets.


Marine Supply at Chittagong Port, Bangladesh.

We provide supply at vessel whether it is at Chittagong port inner harbour or Chittagong port anchorage. Supply is made based on your requirements. Mostly we source from inside Bangladesh. In case any requirements come for products not available within Bangladesh then we consult with our partners in India, Turkey and China for sourcing. Special request for owners is that if the product is not available in Bangladesh to supply at your vessel once she is within territorial water, please place us request in advance. We may use FEDEX to source and it requires about seven days, as our custom brokerage dept will release the same from local customs. In case delivery needs to be made at anchorage or Kutubdia then the delivery charge will be added with the cost of a provision or at any marine supply.

Marine Supply at Matarbari, Bangladesh.

We have a team to meet any requirements in Marine Supply once your vessel is at Matarbari which is far away from Chittagong and close to Cox’s Bazar. Matarbari is going to be the deep seaport of Bangladesh. The vessel carrying a huge volume of cargo will discharge at Matarbari port of Bangladesh. Due to facilities at Matarbari, it will take a very short time to discharge cargo, we will appreciate if the owners or manager update us with their requirements well in advance so that we can ensure the best supply support for your vessel during her call at Matarbari port and anchorage areas over there. We have own carrying facility and also we use our associate’s facility if we need to deliver provision or marine supply or custom bonded items at Matarbari.   

Requirement & Payment Terms for Marine Supply in Bangladesh.

We always appreciate advance placement for any requirement of marine supply. If it is requirements for the provision or marine supply or customs bonded items, we may need to place requests for advance or partial payments.