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Ship Spare Customs Clearance in Bangladesh

When it comes to the complex logistics of maritime operations, the timely and efficient delivery of ship spares is crucial. Since 2003, Panocean Ltd. has been a leader in handling ship spares in transit, providing reliable, timely, and cost-effective custom clearance services across major Bangladeshi ports, including Chattogram, Mongla, and Dhaka. We ensure the earliest delivery of ship spares to vessels, whether at berth or deep sea, supporting uninterrupted vessel operations. Email us with details at for immediate consultation/ guidleines for smooth ship spares handling.


Shipowners/ Suppliers/ Brokers are requested to consult with us before giving our name as delivery agents. Please ensure the below recommendations for smooth spare customs clearance and delivery at the vessel.

Requirements & Recommendations for Ship Spare In Transit Delivery

At Panocean Limited, we specialize in the streamlined handling of ship spares from global origins such as Greece, Germany, China, Turkey, and India to Bangladesh. Our experienced team ensures compliance with all local and international regulations, providing efficient custom clearance and delivery services at Chattogram, Mongla, and other ports.

Key Considerations for Ship Owners and Spare Suppliers:

Proper Marking and Documentation
All ship spares must be clearly marked as “Ship’s Spare in Transit” in the Air Waybill (AWBL). This is crucial for accurately identifying and handling items throughout customs.

Preferred Shipping Methods
It is recommended that ship spares be sent via courier rather than under Letter of Credit (LC) terms. This ensures faster handling and customs clearance. Ship spares should be addressed as “Ship Spares in Transit, Master of MV/MT… C/O [Shipping Agent’s Name],” who will be responsible for the customs clearance at Dhaka or Chattogram Airport.

Timing of Arrival
Ideally, ship spares should arrive at the Bangladesh airport after the vessel’s docking at Chattogram or Mongla ports to synchronize with the ship’s schedule. When spares arrive earlier, special arrangements are made to hold them securely until needed.

Clearance Timeframe
Typically, ship spares are released from customs in 3 to 4 working days. Expedited services are available to meet emergency needs, ensuring minimal repair downtime.

Communication and Documentation
The ship’s master must issue an email formally requesting the release of spares. This communication should be directed to the designated agents and will subsequently be presented to the customs authorities by the customs broker. The attending customs officer’s endorsement on this email is necessary for the release process.

Final Documentation and Verification
Upon successful delivery of the spares to the vessel, the master must issue a confirmation note and endorse the delivery document. This endorsed document is crucial and should be resubmitted to customs as local regulations recommend, ensuring a complete and transparent transaction.

Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency for Spars’ Delivery at Port and Anchorage

Panocean Limited is committed to ensuring that all processes are handled with the utmost precision and in compliance with all applicable regulations. Our goal is to provide seamless and hassle-free delivery of ship spares, maintaining the operational readiness of your vessels at all times.




Why Panocean in Bangladesh ?

1. Expertise and Experience
With over two decades of experience at Bangladeshi ports, we understand the intricacies of maritime logistics and customs procedures, ensuring your ship spares are cleared and delivered without delay.

2. Comprehensive Service Coverage
Whether your vessel is at Chattogram, Mongla, or Payra, our services are designed to meet your needs at every stage, from airport clearance to final delivery on board.

3. Proven Track Record
We are known within the international shipping community for our reliability and efficiency. Our commitment to service excellence has made us a preferred partner for many global shipping companies.

Custom Clearance and Delivery of Ship Spares

  • Timely Clearance: We guarantee the clearance of ship spares from airports in Dhaka and Chattogram in the shortest possible time.
  • Secure Transportation: We arrange secure transportation of spares from Dhaka to Chattogram, Mongla, or Payra and ensure safe delivery to your vessel.
  • Emergency Services: In case of urgent repairs, we provide emergency customs clearance and fast delivery to prevent any delay in your vessel’s schedule.

Support and Updates

  • We keep you updated throughout the process and ensure all your requirements are met efficiently.

Ship Spares Local Sourcing

Best Affordable Solution for Used Ship Spare Parts. Our products are 100% genuine which are originally recovered from old Ships. We only source spares based on your requirements. Once the ship arrives at Chittagong or Mongla, we always encourage vessel officials to inspect the spares, before we take it at our workshops for conditioning. No payment without full satisfaction once the spares are installed at vessel whether it is at port or Chittagong port outer anchorage. Email us at

Panocean Limited. is registered at Joint stock companies of Bangladesh and became a trusted partner for Procurement, Marketing, Supplying and Distribution of All Types of Ship Marine spares. We supply all after sourcing from the country’s biggest Ship Recycling Yard at Chittagong vatiari. Our technical team encompass marine engineer to ensure the quality and conditioning of used spares once it is ready for delivery. We always try to exceed customer expectations and satisfaction. Since 2003, we are in operation and already became reliable source for local and international ship owners and workshops.

Ship Spares & Equipment

Main & Aux. Engines & their  Spares
Separators & Purifiers.
Fresh Water Generator.

Tanker Equipments
Safety Equipments
Pressure Gauges

Tank Coating
Heat Exchangers
Navigation Equiments
Communications Equipment

Mooring / Deck Equip

24/7 Service
On Board Repair
Enginee Room
Spares and Repair


Repair of navigation lights, emergency lighting, emergency and warning alarms, fire alarm stations – all types, marks, models and modifications

We repair of radio and GMDSS equipment

All types, marks, models, and modifications.


  • Overhauling & Retrofit
  • Retrofit with TM87-X and TM180
  • Turbocharger Spare Parts Repair
  • Welding – Reblading
  • Dynamic Balancing

 We are supplying all kind of reusable ship spares and machinery in Asia, Latin America, Canada, Europe, Australia. We always provide all this reusable spares and machinery at very cost-effective rates.

Drop us a small email at with your inquiry for ship spares requirements once your vessel is at Chittagong or Mongla.