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Panocean Limited is registered with Joint Stock Companies of Bangladesh,  Port Authority, Customs Authority and Bangladesh Navy for Port agency; Cargo, Marine, and Bunker survey ; and Naval Supply. The company also became ISO certified in 2008 for  Shipping Agency, Logistics and consulting operation services as well for Bangladesh maritime Ports. Comprehensive and cost-effective maritime services, proper risk management, reliable marine & technical or legal advice and 24/7 availability are the professional strengths of Panocean.

The marine and cargo team is headed by Capt. Amir Hossain and well equipped to provide ONE-STOP SERVICE to foreign Shipowners/Principals, Charterers and Managers. Panocean Limited is headquartered at Chittagong and maintaining branch offices at Mongla, Payra, and Dhaka. 

Port agency & Loss Prevention Survey

Maritime & Survey Services 

PORT AGENCY service is offered when any shipowners or charterer looking for an independent shipping agency at Chittagong, Matarbari or Mongla to declare their vessel at Port, arrange immediate berthing or discharge operation,  arrange barges, stevedore, ensure SOF for vessel’s interest and delivery of cargo with BL/ LOI as per Principals instruction. In addition of port agency, Panocean Limited is well known for on hire/ off bunker survey service at Chittagong and Mongla, Bangladesh. 

OPA SERVICE: Most of the shipowners or even Charterers require OPA at Chittagong and other ports, as discharge port agents mostly are recommended by sub-charterer or cargo receiver. Crew sign-on/ off, Ships spare customs clearance are often required here. Delay in communication, discharge, and placement of lighter vessel for STS operation, stevedore/ lighter damage to the vessel and SOF manipulation to favor receiver are quite frequent. 

DISCHARGE SUPERVISION: Panocean is experienced in the Marine and Cargo surveys. Once requested to keep Principals’ eye on the vessel, Panocean survey team can offer complete cargo discharge supervision with LIVE reporting in addition of  OPA assistance. Cargo supervision includes following and indeed in a cost-effective manner for followings-

01. Discharging supervision
02. Daily cargo report
03. Barge itinerary
04. Daily SOF recap
05. Stevedore activity monitoring
06. Daily activity coordination with Charterers agent
07. Assisting Master upon request (relaying same to us in writing)

08. Rendering CTM, crew sign-on/ off, demucking at the anchorage of Chattogram Port, Fresh Water supply at Chittagong and Mongla Ports as OPA. Customs Clearance for ship’s spares or Fender arrangement etc.

Marine & Cargo Survey by our Master Mariner Surveyors with 20+ years Experience


On-Hire (Off-Hire) Condition and Bunker Surveys are our regular service at Chittagong ( now Chattogram) and Mongla. The team comprises competent master mariner surveyors. In addition of port agency service, our survey wing is well known to the shipping community for the most reliable outcome. In order to determine the fuel onboard at the time of on or off-hire, the sounding is taken of all Bunker Fuel tanks including Heavy Fuel & Marine Diesel Oil.  An off-hire Bunker report is signed and certified by our assigned master mariner Surveyor, the vessel’s Chief Engineer, and the vessel’s Master, indeed based on the joint findings.

Panocean serving in Port agency and bunker survey operation since 2003 for the Maritime Ports of Bangladesh. In the case of off-hire condition survey, we carry out a complete inspection of the condition of all cargo holds at first, decks, cargo handling areas, and cranes/gear are inspected to identify if there are any damages caused during the charter period.


NOTE: Information requirements for Off Hire Bunker and Condition Survey at Chittagong and Mongla

We would appreciate if Principals provide the required information to issue a re-delivery certificate. Please refer to the information requirements section.  To bring more accurate outcome, always we request our Principals to update with required vessel consumption input, prior we move forward with the off-hire bunker survey program at Chattogram or Mongla anchorage, such as-

Laden  abt …. k on abt …. mts hfo (380/180 cst)
Ballast abt ….. k on abt …. mts hfo (380/180 cst)
In port idle  : abt ….. mts hfo pd
In port gear working: abt ….. mts hfo pd irrespective of how many cranes in operation during load/discharge, when ballasting / deballasting vessel consumes additional abt …… mts hfo per day.
PANOCEAN team is dedicated to ensuring the most reliable Port agency and bunker survey services to Shipowners, charterers or managers at Chittagong, Matarbari, Mongla ports of Bangladesh. 24/7 active email info@panoceanbd.com and feel free to contact us for free consultation.

Off Hire Bunker + Condition Survey

Principals are requested to provide the following if we need to carry out the off-hire bunker and/ or condition survey –

  • Name of owner
  • Consumption information
  • Name of charterer
  • Redelivery place
  • Any other special instruction
  • The names of charterer and owner are to be entered in the re-delivery certificate.

Read More about Off Hire Survey

Crew Sign/ Off

Shipowners are requested to ensure that on signer arriving with OK to board and off signer have time to complete local formalities which normally takes 1 working day.  Read More…..

Additional Service

Panocean is a team of 20 officials at Head Office Chittagong to coordiante activities like

  • Underwater Cleaning 
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Marine Supply
  • Ship’s Spare CUSTOM Clearance and Delivery at Vessel. 
  • CTM
  • Radio  Repair and More. ….

24/7 Free Consultation & Quote for Port agency and Bunker survey or OPA service at Chittagong, Mongla or Matarbari..

Chattogram, Mongla and Payra Ports

Information for Shipowners/ Charterer/ Manager 

Navigation and Draft Information

Vessels having an arrival draft more than 11m need to discharge part cargo at Kutubdia to obtain permissible draft for shiting to A anchorage. As per recent circular of Chittagong Port Authority ” Pilotage/ Navigation Assistance Service is compulsory for incoming ships with draft more than 10 meters, highly recommended for a vessel of draft 9.5 to 10 meters and recommended for any other vessels bound for Chittagong outer anchorage “A”, “B”, & “C” from Kutubdia,.” Read More….

Tank Cleaning at Chittagong OPL or Anchorage and Regulations

Whether it is related to Debunkering, De-Slopping, Demucking & Disposal, Panocean Limited can ensure total project management in compliance of local regulations. The team headed by Master mariner and engineer experienced with Tanker vessels. Read More..

Crew Sign On/ Off Charges

Shipowners can change their crews at Chittagong , Mongla or Payra. On signer need OK TO BOARD to join at the vessel. Off signer crews need to complete formalities at Chittagong and Mongla under their OPA or declaring port agents’ supervision. Time requirements for such like operation is 1 to 2 working days. Read More