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Chittagong Port Agents, Panocean Limited established in 2003 to provide the highest quality| Technical, Operational, Consultancy Services to the Maritime Community.

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Bangladesh covers an area of 147,570 sq km, a little more than the size of Greece. It extends from 20°34N to 26°38N latitude and from 88°01E to 92°41E longitude. Maximum extension is about 440 km in the E-W direction and 760 km in the NNW-SSE direction. Read More

Panocean Limited, was established in 2008 to provide the highest quality commercial claims handling, legal consulting, technical services, and shipping services to the maritime community, at competitive prices. Our founding principles are excellence of service, reliability and integrity. As our name implies, we value our independence, and we understand that our success depends upon our sensitivity and responsiveness to our client’s needs. We are constantly seeking to add compatible and highly competent surveyors and consultants, with diverse specialties, to the Panocean team. Our established reputations and ability to consistently deliver the high quality work that our clients have come to expect are the hallmarks of our service.PANOCEAN is headquatered at Chittagong, conveniently located near the major port of Bangladesh, enabling faster servicing of its customers. If you are the Shipowner, Charterer, Broker, Insurer, Assured or any other person or body involved into the Shipping World or somehow linked with it you know how important proper risk management or legal advice can be for you, especially when a time limit is the key factor. That is why we are here and we do know how to assist you and your clients.
Panocean provides wide range of service in Maritime Industry. Our team members, available 24/7 for casualty response projects, possess the skills to mitigate financial losses. These skills evolve from a strong knowledge of vessel design & construction; marine law; insurance claims; risk management; port & Customs regulations; the issues surrounding marine insurance coverage, safety and personal injury losses, third-party damage incidents; and an understanding of liability exposure for large loss events. Our surveyors utilize a practical, hands-on approach towards casualty situations and demonstrate a keen sense of economics in protecting our clients’ interests.
December 16, 2017

Crew sign on/off expenses : Chittagong Port

When even we are receiving request for crew sign on/ off,  most of the issues comes are what is the total cost. Below is the idea […]
May 8, 2014

Customs Penalty for cargo shortage at Chittagong and Mongla

We would first of all advise that in so far as cargo discharge at the two Bangladesh Sea Ports of Chittagong and Mongla is concerned, Customs […]
May 7, 2014

Tanker vessel: Liquid cargo shortage problem

The  method  of  cargo  calculation  followed  by  terminal  operators  in  Chittagong  is  fallacious  .  As  per  customs  requirement  ,  cargo  receipt  quantity  at  observed  temperature  is  […]
May 6, 2014

Demo vessel’s port DA: Calculation Procedure

Port dues: calculation as per port tariff @ US$ 0.241 per GRT: 26064 (As per Tariff). Pilotage @ US$35.75 per 1000 GRT or port thereof 35.75X27. […]