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Panocean strengths are comprehensive and cost-effective services, proper risk management, reliable survey service or legal advice within a time limit. These are the key factors for the Shipowners, Charterers, Brokers or any other parties involved in this Shipping industry. Panocean is here to provide ONE STOP SERVICES to Shipowners/Principals at all maritime ports of Bangladesh. 

An ISO certified Shipping & Logistics company. Since 2003, the company is in operation and providing a wide range of services at Chittagong, Mongla, and Payra. The company is headed by Capt. Amir Hossain, leading a team of marine professionals and Master Mariner ( Pool for Surveyors & Marine Pilots).  Probably we are the only exclusive independent shipping company in Bangladesh established to protect the interest of foreign principals and shipowners only.

Operated by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the maritime industry. Have already established track of proven records in shipping and Protective Agency (OPA) operation, demo vessel delivery, Project cargo handling,  technology-based survey reporting, and 24/7 availability. Panocean Limited. maintaining headquarter at Chittagong and branch offices at Mongla, Payra and Dhaka. 

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Chattogram, Mongla and Payra Ports. ONE STOP Service

Service  Coverage

Panocean is committed to ensuring comprehensive and cost-effective services mostly to shipowners.  Being an independent shipping company, protecting shipowners interest is our company’s one and only priority. Panocean doesn’t maintain any liaison with local importer and charterers.  Since 2003,  we are handling bulk, liquid and project cargo-carrying vessels at Chittagong and Mongla only based on shipowner nomination.

Most of the shipowners require OPA at Chittagong and other ports as agents are nominated by the charterer.  Need OPA assistance for genuine service at a cost-effective manner.

  • Assistance for SOF
  • Crew Sign On/Off
  • CTM for Master
  • Sourcing/Ship spare customs clearance
  • Discharge supervision
  • Crew Injury/ Treatment
  • Despatch/ Demurrage Calculation
  • Witness at Court for owners interest
  • Ship repair/ repair followup
  • Negotiation with local parties
We can assist in all maritime services and consultancy for the Maritime Ports of Bangladesh.  We are experienced in developing a detailed project plan in order to meet the Principals’ objectives.

  • We have experienced ship spares sourcing team and dedicated logistics team to offer vessel owners,  management companies, shipyards a global door-to-deck delivery service.
  • The team comprises master mariner and experienced staff surveyors for carrying our all types of marine, project, bunker and cargo survey,  with a world-class reporting system.
  • Need customs brokerage support to clear cargo from Bangladesh Customs and delivery at the project area or designation.  Panocean Limited can an ultimate option for all in service, whether it is for Chittagong ( renamed as Chattogram), Mongla, Dhaka, Payra or land customs.

Panocean is experienced in handling project cargo at Chittagong, Mongla, and Payra, mostly coming for follows:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Deep sea project
  • Transshipment
  • Power Plants
  • Unloading survey at anchorage
  • Survey at receiver’s premise
  • warranty survey

The team is ready to render service 24/7. Any inquiry, please email at  info@panoceanbd.com.  Instant support required?  Connect Now by Email or Connect Now Over Phone. Chat Now at WhatsApp

  • Phone: + 8801824923983
  • WhatsApp: + 88 01970000198
  • Skype: ctgshipping
  • Port Coverage: Chittagong, Mongla
  • Pilotage Service
  • Agency and OPA
Marine & Cargo Survey 

Off Hire Bunker & Condition SURVEY

Our master mariner survey conduct on hire / OFF hire BUNKER and condition survey on behalf of charterers or owners, alongwith a wide range of services.  Our surveyors will need to have knowledge of relevant C/P terms between owners & charterers in respect of vessel’s consumptions at sea & port, the position of Re-delivery, names of parties to be entered in the Re-delivery Certificate etc. We prefer to request our Principals to update us in the following ways-

Laden  abt …. k on abt …. mts hfo (380/180 cst)
Ballast abt ….. k on abt …. mts hfo (380/180 cst)
In port idle  : abt ….. mts hfo pd
In port gear working: abt ….. mts hfo pd irrespective of how many cranes in operation during load/discharge When ballasting / deballasting vessel consumes additional abt …… mts hfo per day.
Once tank dip/ullage is completed, the ROB of bunkers are calculated basis ullage/sounding of each tank corrected for trim & list, gross observed volume (GOV) from tank table, density @15°C (as per BDN), observed temperature of each tank, VCF from table 54B, Gross standard volume (GSV) of each tank, metric tons in each tank and summery of total quantity of bunkerson board (ROB) at the time survey.





Cost effective reliable service to avoid any unwanted collision or safe movement at overcrowded A anchorage


Competent team with live reporting tools to protect the vessel’s interest. Committed for 24/7 service
Chattogram, Mongla and Payra Ports

Information: Shipowners Requires

Estimated Port DA

Panocean Limited is the sister concern of Coast To Coast, local P&I correspondents.  And maintain a strict policy before taking any assignment to avoid any conflict of interest. Coast To Coast have developed a secure website link ( online calculator), which can help you to calculate the Port DA for any vessel within seconds. Just need to mention  GRT, NRT, DWT, TPC, Cargo quantity and estimated discharge rate.  Please email us at info@panoceanbd.com for the encrypted link.

Bunkering at Chattogram and Mongla

IFO-180 CST, MGO is available at Chittagong. It is recommended to use JAMUNA for bunkering. Local bunkering companies are available. Bunker supplier should not be allowed to deal with the vessel’s official’s prior supply of bunker. Dip sample should be taken during bunkering. The qualified and honest surveyor should be used during bunkering and surveyor should not board with bunker supplier barge.

Crew Sign On/ Off Charges

a) Our agency wing charge USD100 per person for crew sign on/ off formalities ( port, customs, immigration formalities). Normally it takes one working day to process crew change formalities. Weekend holidays are on Saturday and Sunday.
b) Hotel charge depends on a single person or dual occupancy basis and quality of Hotel standard. It may range within US$50.00 to US$150.00 ( except five-star hotel).
c) Food charge per person may range within US$50 to US$150 ( standard meal 3 times), subject to hotel standard ( except 5-star hotel and hard drinks).
d) Recommended local airlines are NOVO AIR, US BANGLA, Bangladesh Biman. Local airport at Chittagong (Shah Amanat) International Airport. Transit time from Dhaka to Chittagong by air is 50 min. Airfare range  within USD40.00 to US$90.00

Why Shipowners require PROTECTIVE AGENTS

Discharge port agents are appointed by Charterer and nominated by a receiver. Shipowners need assistance at Chittagong( Chattagram as renamed), Mongla or even Payra to protect the interest. As in most of cases, a vessel may face the following situation/ incident and require professional support:

  1. Collision, grounding or wrongful navigation by pilots
  2. Delay in discharge or placement of lighter vessel or berthing
  3. Communication gap with voyage charterer’s or receiver’s nominated agents
  4. Discharge without production of OBL and delivery to ultimate receivers
  5. Excessive port DA and manipulated SOF to protect the interest of cargo receiver
  6. Damage to mother vessel by lighters and excessive repair charges
  7. Wrongful treatment for injured crews, complication during crew change etc.
  8. In time berthing arrangement or sailing arrangements.
Maritime Ports in Bangladesh | Chittagong, Mongla, Payra

The Chittagong port is the biggest seaport of Bangladesh. It is located by the estuary of the Karnaphuli River in Patenga, Chittagong. Recently, Chittagong city has been renamed as Chattagram. Earlier, 8.5m was the permissible draft to enter the inner harbor. Now Port allow berthing of ships with a draught of up to 9.5 meters during high tide.

Mongla Sea Port is the second largest and most Eco-friendly port of Bangladesh. It is located on the southwestern part of the country, at the confluence of Pussur River and Mongla Nulla. Approximately 71 nautical miles (131 Km.) upstream of the Bay of Bengal. For berthing at inner harbor, this port allows vessels with a draught of up to 7-8 meters.

Payra Port, the small seaport in southern Bangladesh, sits on the west bank of Rabnabad channel at the confluence of Galachipa-Tetulia river. Payra Port started operation in August’2016 with ship-to-ship cargo transfer, though on a limited scale. It is expected that the first phase of dredging for this port will be completed by 2020. Then vessels with a draught of up to 11 meters will be able to berth at the seaport during high tide time. Bangladesh is now the concern for a deep-sea port and had granted a contract to Japan to build a deep sea port at Matarbari, which is just 25 kilometers away from Chittagong.

Navigation at Kutubdia and Anchorage of Chittagong Port

The area outside the Chittagong port outer anchorage is usual waiting place for vessel’sThe port limit of Chittagong port outer anchorage is bounded by area with radius of 5.6 nautical miles (on the west side) from Patenga light beacon at position Lat. 22 13.54 N long, 91 48.2 E . The anchorage area is divided into three areas which followsAnchorage A: the northernmost anchorage for vessel’s of more than 10 meters draught.

Anchorage B: in between anchorage “A” and “c”, for vessels scheduled to enter the Karnaphuli
river within 24 hours.
Anchorage C: the southernmost anchorage for lightering vessel’s and other not scheduled to
enter within 24 hours.
Areas outside the marked anchorage are considered o be off port limit. The shallow patch lies
SW of the anchorage. This is the usual approach area for “A” and “B” anchorage. The
minimum charted depth of 7.9 m lies in about two places over the shallow path. Most of the
places having charted depth in excess of 8.5 m. The height of tide at low water and high water
usually varies from 0.4m to 1.5m an 2.4 m to 4.6m respectfully during the year.
The area outside the outer anchorage is not usual waiting place for vessels. Vessels drawing
a draught of less than 8.5 m usually approaches to Chittagong outer anchorage directly at any
time. Vessels drawing draught between 8.5m to 9.5m also approach to the outer anchorage directly depending on the time of arrival and height of the tide. However vessels drawing draught over 9.5 m usually wait for the rising tide to approach Chittagong outer anchorage if arrives in falling tide.  READ MORE

Shipbreaking industry, Spares sourcing and logistics

Ship breaking is the process of dismantling old ship to recover steel scrap and other materials. This industry began in Bangladesh in 1960. Shipbreaking industry is booming in Bangladesh. Sitakunda is the largest shipbreaking yard.  Yards are the direct source for spare parts and our team is specialized in reconditioning, servicing and Repair of Spare Parts. We are helping shipowners and spares trading companies for sourcing ships spares for Main engine, Aux-Engine, Turbo Chargers, Air Compressors, Separators, Pumps, Fresh Water Gensets, Rubber Fenders. Here Anchor and Anchor Chains, Oil Purifier, Hydraulic Spares etc. also reclaimed for demo vessels. We are well connected with yards owners and can ensure inventory of spares as per requirements. Through our own logistics wing, we are able to supply spares worldwide to various ship owners, managers, and trading companies within a very short period of time, indeed after inspection and test at our end.

Role of Panocean Limited as OPA

Being OPA only, we act for the following on behalf of the owner and also play the role to make a  bridge between owner and charterer(of charterer’ agent):

  • Controlling charterer’s nominated agent in terms of port charges, performance and financial status for the sake of shipowner’s interest.
  • Handling owner’s matters such as Crew Replacement, Bunkers, Spares, Provision, Repair, Mail, CTM etc.
  • Assisting master in situations like delay in discharge operation, shortage, damage, unpaid hire, preparing SOF or letter of protest, the witness at Court, representing owners if required to meet with port or customs official in case of any requirements etc.

Panocean provides a wide range of service in the Maritime Industry. Our team members, available 24/7 for casualty response projects, possess the skills to mitigate financial losses. We have experienced mariners in the team. Our surveyors utilize a practical, hands-on approach towards casualty situations and demonstrate a keen sense of economics in protecting our clients’ interests.



We go the extra mile to show we care.


Planning to work for Bangladesh Ports, whether it is for any project or fixing vessel or sourcing spars from Bangladesh with logistics support or survey, then Panocean can be an option.

Panocean team’s skills evolve from a strong knowledge of marine law; insurance claims; risk management; port & Customs regulations. Expertise areas also include related to issues surrounding marine insurance coverage, safety, and personal injury losses, third-party damage incidents; and an understanding of liability exposure for large loss events.

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Experienced in handling project cargo survey, demo vessel delivery at Chittagong  and Mongla. Find more information….

Loss Prevention for Chattogram, Mongla and Payra Ports

Navigation Support at Kutubdia

Navigation Information

Vessel needs adequate information as regards navigation information for Chittagong to avoid any unwanted incident. READ MORE

Pilotage Services ( Kutubdia to A Anchorage, inward/outward)

Seasonal winds, Seas & Swell,  congested anchorage Area, comparatively small area etc are concerns for any shipowners. Need more info, please email at info@panoceanbd,com, Visit our sister concern Chittagong Pilotage Service.

LPG Information for the Maritime port of Mongla

As regards LPG vessel’s calling at the Maritime Port of Mongla, please note, there are eight LPG terminals in operation as of now and a numbers of terminals are at their final stage of construction.  Most of the terminals are subjected to frequent siltation and regular dredging is required to keep them operational. The available max depth at the terminal must be verified before any vessel fixed for a terminal.Max Draft for entering port: 7.0 M to 8.0 M depending on daily rise of tide, as Mongla Port is a Tidal Port and all arrival and departure takes place during Flood tide.  Max berthing Draft….Need more info, email us.

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Conflit of Interest

The company is registered with Joint Stock Company In Bangladesh and is the sister concern of Coast To Coast P&I Services Ltd.  Panocean team is unable to assist any Principals or clients for any service, whatsoever, where Coast To Coast P&I Services Ltd. is involved and may cause any conflict of interest.  Regret the inconvenience caused due to our company policy. 

Project cargo unloading survey at Mongla and Chittagong

Panocean Limited have been involved in some of the largest projects of equipment, materials and goods from the manufacturing locations to the final construction sites, as follows: Power Generation Gas and Oil refineries   Mining projects Wind farms  Petrochemical...

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Crew sign on/off

When even we are receiving the request for crew sign on/ off,  most of the issues come are what is the total cost. Below is the idea for this. Normally, the following are applicable suggestions for on signer and off signer Nearest airport is Chittagong and if you crew...

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