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Shipping Agency, OPA and Survey Services at Chittagong, Mongla, and Matarbari.

Panocean Limited is registered with the Joint Stock Companies of Bangladesh.   And Enlisted with Port Authority, Customs Authority, and Bangladesh Navy for Port Agency, survey, and supply.

The company obtained ISO certified in 2008 for  Shipping Agency, Logistics and Consulting (Survey & Claims) services in Chittagong and Mongla Ports, Bangladesh. We ensure comprehensive and cost-effective maritime services in the port agency, cargo and bunker survey, crew change, proper risk management, customs clearance,  container unloading & condition survey, reliable marine & technical or legal advice, Husbanding Agency confirming 24/7 availability for professional service. 

We also work DA- Desk as many of our Principals use DA-Desk for their remittance transfer.  The marine and cargo survey team is headed by Capt. Amir Hossain. We are well equipped to provide ONE-STOP SERVICE to foreign Shipowners/Principals, Charterers, and Managers to meet their survey requirements at Chittagong and Mongla. Port Captaincy, OPA service and Bunker survey at Chittagong and Mongla are our expertise area

Panocean Limited is headquartered at Chittagong and maintaining the liaison office at Coxsbazar, Mongla & Dhaka. Panocean Limited is headquartered at Chittagong and maintaining the liaison office at Coxsbazar, Mongla & Dhaka.



Providing services for On/Off-Hire, condition surveys for the Operators at all Bangladesh ports.

Cargo discharge supervision and Live Reporting

Ship spares inspection, export, and customs clearance

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crew change in bangladesh Chittagong

Professional service

Regular Services at Maritime Ports

Service 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances

Crew Change in Bangladesh at Chittagong and Mongla with COVID-19 Regulations/ Formalities.

Panocean became a reliable service provider for any crew change in Bangladesh. Sign-on & off are mostly carried out at Chittagong and Mongla port of Bangladesh. Our services include the issuance of OK to board, receiving crews at the airport; accommodation, food & transportation arrangements and carrying out immigration, port and customs formalities indeed at most competitive charges. We can support for urgent COVID-19 test arrangement at Chittagong.

Off Hire Bunker and Condition Survey at Chittagong.

On-Hire (Off-Hire) Condition and Bunker Surveys are our regular service at Chittagong and Mongla. To determine the fuel on board at the time of on or off-hire bunker survey, the sounding is taken of all Bunker Fuel tanks.  The report is signed and certified by our assigned master mariner Surveyor, the vessel’s Chief Engineer, and Master. In the off-hire condition survey, we carry out a complete inspection of the condition of all cargo holds at first, decks, cargo handling areas, and cranes/gear are inspected to identify if there are any damages caused during the charter period.

Custom Clearance, Ships Spares & Marine Repair

Panocean service involves custom brokerage at Chittagong and Dhaka airport. We do all types of cargo customs clearance in Bangladesh. Especially for ship spares in transit. Even support also includes soucing required to recondition/ new ship spares from demo yards, doing inspection and supply at the vessel. Have own engineering/ technical team to assist any vessel all repair support, navigation equipment repair or servicing or spares supply. NO CURE NO PAY basis, whenever requested in repair area. Ship Chandler unit under own group for best quality supply at vessel.

Port Captaincy for Navigation Assistance and  Discharge Supervision

Port Captaincy is our well know service for Chittagong and Mongla, required to assist Master while navigating at Kutubdia or anchorage or during cargo discharge in order to avoid any collision or grounding. The vessel is always responsible for safe navigation and our experienced Master mariners can guide master in the right manner whatever the circumstance. 

Sea port in Bangladesh : Chittagong, Mongla, Payra

Chittagong and Mongla are the prime maritime ports in Bangladesh. Payra and Matarbari are the two other ports. Ship with 11.5m draft mostly discharges cargo at Chittagong. Once vessel obtains permissible draft, the ship may enter at Port or sail out for Mongla port. Chittagong port anchorage is marked by A, B, C anchorage. Kutubdia is the OPL. Due to rough sea, vessel mostly hires a pilot for safe navigation. Email us at for port-related information. 

Chittagong Sea Port  and Chittagong  Port Authority Berthing Schedule

The port limit of Chittagong port outer anchorage is bounded by area with a radius of 5.6 nautical miles( on the west side) from Patenga light beacon at position Lat. 22 13.54 N long, 91 48.2 E . All climatic/hydrographic information relating to CPA( Chittagong Port Authority) outer anchorage is being well documented and promulgated by various nautical publications. Would request to contact us if there is a requirement for Chittagong port berthing report.

Extensive Involvement

Relaible Marine & Cargo Survey

A number of Insurance companies, International freight forwarders, P&I Clubs and exporters are mostly our clients for whom we carry out container unloading surveys at Port and ICD facilities at Chittagong, Mongla, and Dhaka. We always ensure detail reporting supported by image & videos. 

Project cargo is our professional expertised area which mostly includes Pre-loading and out-turn surveys; unloading and delivery supervision; logistics facility; stowage, blocking and bracing consulting; Warranty surveys, Loss Surveys and claim management.  

Experienced staff surveyors are always in reporting mode which we convey to our clients through our online survey portal as almost LIVE. This service is active 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances. 

Whether it is related to Debunkering, De-Slopping, Demucking & Disposal, Panocean Limited can ensure total project management in compliance of local regulations. The team headed by Master mariner and engineer experienced with Tanker vessels.

Offers an advanced logistics system for storage and forwarding of spare parts.

Need Free Consultation or references for our ongoing assignments. The vessel needs Port Captain to assist the Master? Need help for manning Bangladeshi Crews at Ocean going vessel. 

Our Principals ( Most Recent)

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Marine  Supply Wing of Panocean Group

started operation from 2019 with the commitment for quality supply in COVID-19 period ensuring all precautionary measures. 

Panocean has an independent wing for quality Marine Supply at vessels ranging from marine lubricating oil to bonded store, provision, ship spares. We maintain association/ partnership with direct sources, chain stores, warehouses, scrap vessel yards at Chittagong, Bangladesh. P.N. We don’t supply bunker and only we have a separate wing for survey operation at Chittagong and Mongla Port.  Panocean is also pleased to start operation at Matarbari deep seaport of Bangladesh once the port starts commercial operation. 

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