De-bunkering, De-Slopping, Demucking & Disposal
(Technical support & Project management at Chittagong Anchorage)

Trusted partner for Tank cleaning, de-mucking and de-slopping at Oil Tankers, Crude and Product Carriers at Chittagong Port & Anchorage.

Panocean Limited provides ONE-STOP service to shipowners, managers and charterers for most of the operational and technical aspect of maritime services at Chattogram, Mongla and Payra ports of Bangladesh. Our team is composed of highly experienced supervisors and well-trained personnel who work together flawlessly to make sure that each of the assigned tank cleaning projects are delivered according to schedule, requirements, and budget. It falls within our OPA service at Chattogram and Mongla Port.

A vessel having an issue with supplied bunker, need support for de-bunkering at anchorage, and Panocean is the most convenient for any shipowners to reach, communicate and get the job done. 

Panocean technical team is headed by master mariner and marine chief engineer with years of experience of in tanker vessels operation. Keeping the local authorities terms and conditions in mind, Panocean is well experienced in project management support for keeping the principals in the peace of mind. 

While carrying out any project, we integrate proper planning and management of jobs, hire local experts if required for extensive operation when required, so that we can work with you without disrupting your planned operations. At the same time, ensuring strictest safety compliance indeed marinating the interest of Principals. 


Panocean team always follow the procedural steps for tank cleaning projects once assigned –


Gas Freeing

Gas freeing is done in preparation of tank cleaning. This step is performed to ensure that each of your vessel’s tanks is free from hazardous gases before the cleaning starts, such as hydrogen sulphide gas and others.

Because we start our tank cleaning process with a first man entry, we need to make sure that there are no dangerous gases that will compromise the health of our personnel assigned for first man entry. In fact, even after gas freeing is done successfully, such personnel is expected to be fully equipped with the right tools and proper safety attire to guarantee safety at all times.


Tank Washing

With frequent use and high demands of daily operations, sludge and sediments can accumulate at the bottom and walls of your vessel tanks. This should we thoroughly washed and removed from the tank to ensure efficient and smooth functions. With our tank cleaning services, we use high-pressure water spray and Butterworth tank washing machine in softening and reducing the thickness of sludge in your tank. This makes scrapping easier and faster.


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De-slopping is the process of removing mix water inside the tank that comes from tank washing. Due to the high pressure of water used in tank washing, a huge volume of water gets mixed with the oils in the tank. This is considered as hazardous substance that should be dealt with properly and according to the standard procedures of waste disposal. Due to our technical expertise, with Panocean team and project management,  you can trust that our de-slopping process is safe and properly performed.


De-mucking and Sludge Disposal

De-mucking involves cleaning of oily sludge and mixed water at the bottom of the tank, before lifting it up to the main deck to prepare for packaging. For the maximum efficiency and best effort, we bundle our de-mucking procedures with scraping and sludge packaging. Through this process, we lift the sludge up and package it into a high-quality sludge bag, avoiding unnecessary spillage, before disposing of it accordingly.

This step-by-step tank cleaning services we provide at PANOCEAN in order to ensure that your vessel is always in top condition, ready to fulfill the demanding requirements of your daily operations.