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We  Provide Reliable and Professional Port Captaincy Service at Chittagong and Mongla. 

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oversees the daily operations of these busy cargo transfer points. They ensure that ships safely navigate the area and balance the port’s commercial business with the surrounding environment and the port’s ecosystem.

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Crew Change at Chittagong and Mongla without any difficulties

Crew change is a regular event at Chittagong which requires special attention always. Crews arrival at Chittagong and Mongla, completion of local formalities and shipping agents role for joining at vessel all are interlinked and need proper management.Sign on / off...

Signal codes for storm: the weather signal in Bangladesh

Bangladesh extends from 20°34'N to 26°38'N latitude and from 88°01'E to 92°41'E longitude. Bangladesh is located in the tropical monsoon region. It's characterised by high temperature, heavy rainfall, often excessive humidity, and fairly marked seasonal variations....

Emergency response in Chittagong port, Bangladesh

Panocean Limited commitment is to be there when you need us — especially during emergency situations at sea. Our marine vessel emergency response service is spearheaded by experienced naval architects and professional mariners who will give you the best advice...