Bulk, Tanker or Container

Cargo Discharge Supervision at Chattogram,  Mongla, Matarbari and Payra.

Welcome to Panoncean Ltd., your adept solution for proficient cargo discharge supervision at all Bangladesh seaports and deep sea. We take pride in offering comprehensive supervision services tailored to facilitate the management of cargo discharging from mother vessels, tankers, and containers. Our advanced online reporting system is designed to provide you with precise and timely discharging facts, enhancing your operational awareness at strategic Bangladesh locations, including Chattogram, Mongla, Matarbari, and Payra.

At Panoncean Ltd., we recognize the critical need for neutral, accurate, and reliable surveying and reporting services. Our survey team is a paragon of reliability for all maritime operations within the region. We are committed to delivering seamless and live cargo discharge supervision complemented by operational port agent (OPA) assistance.

01. Discharging supervision
02. Daily cargo report
03. Barge itinerary
04. Daily SOF recap
05. Stevedore activity monitoring
06. Daily activity coordination with the Charterers agent
07. Assisting Master upon request (relaying same to us in writing)

Any inquiries, please email info@panoceanbd.com


Supervision Simplified, Satisfaction Amplified in Bangladesh!

Once appointed for discharge supervision at Chittagong port, Kutubdia or anchorage, Panocean team always works for the following-

-To reduce shortage

-To Avoid Rough handling

-To maximize the discharging program

– To avoid cargo damage

– To avoid any customs penalty on completion of discharge

– To ensure the vessel’s sailing in time, if there is no cargo shortage or damage on completion.


Panocean conduct survey with experienced in house professional team equipped with a technical background in dealing with bulk and bagged cargo. Master mariner surveyor/ Chief Engineer is engaged whenever necessary based on the situation. Since 2003, a company serving in this area and served many shipowners, charterers, voyages- charterer.

How do we report? Why Live reporting helps

Once appointed for any survey, we assign our Master mariner surveyor or our team for carrying out the survey operation at Chittagong and Mongla. A single instruction is enough to carry out the survey. We update with daily preliminary reports followed by the Final report. In addition, we also update images and video clips.


01. Daily survey update

02. Online access to report with updated images and videos, which uploaded there in the regular interval on a daily basis.

03. Final report.


Panocean can be your ulmate service provider for any marine and cargo survey at Chattogram and Mongla ports of Bangladesh.  The team is headed by Capt. Amir Hossain.

Any inquiries, please email us at info@panoceanbd.com. 

Our portfolio of Survey Services includes: 

  • Damage Surveys.
  • Project cargo surveys.
  • Non-delivery, short shipped cargoes.
  • Theft and pilferage investigations.
  • Coordinate salvage of damaged cargoes.
  • Warranty Surveys.
  • Total and large losses investigations.
  • Catastrophe assistance.
  • Expert witness.
  • Hold conditions surveys.
  • Pre-loading and out-turn surveys.
  • Vessel conditions surveys.
  • On-hire/off-hire.
  • Hull & machinery.
  • Cargo securing supervision.
  • Cargo contamination surveys.
  • Containerized and refrigerated cargoes.
  • General cargo, steel, grain, ore, etc.
  • Project, heavy and oversized cargoes.