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Crew Sign On and Sign Off  at Chittagong, Mongla & Payra, Bangladesh

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Panocean team is well experienced and shipowners’ reliable partner for crew sign-on, crew sign off from Chittagong and Mongla ports, Bangladesh. 

Since 2003, Panocean Limited providing cost-effective comprehensive crew change, i.e crew sign of and off services at Chittagong and Mongla. We are quite experienced in handling port, immigration formalities, affordable and safe accommodation and transportation including air tickets for crew sign on and off. 

We are well connected with concerned authorities and long experienced professional is equipped to support in quickest crew sign and off the program. Especially, when it is a matter of emergency and need immediate attention, Panocean Limited is the ultimate solution for Chittagong ( renamed Chattogram) port and Mongla port. In addition to enlisted shipping agency in Bangladesh, Panocean Limited is also involved in several CSR activities in Bangladesh.  Ensuring the best reliable crew change support in a cost-effective manner and establishing a long term business relationship is our business policy. We are quite aware of COVID-19 related port rules, regulations, immigration formalities, as our team handling crew change quite regularly. We arrange COVID-19 test in the quickest way within a short period time, which is accepted by Immigration dept.  We are able to handle full batch crew change even on an emergency basis within short notice.  Panocean Limited confirm any reply for your inquiry within a very short period time and understand the significance of any emergency matter. 


Professional Crew Change Service by Panocean Team at Chittagong & Mongla

Cost Effective Crew Change Solution with commitment for establinging long term professional relationship.

Serving shipowners and crew manning companies since 2003.

Well experenced in Crew Sign On/ Off and Crew Repatriation

24/7 Attendence, Cost Effective and Live Reporting

We arrange COVID-19 Test on Uregent Basis

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Support Person

OPA Service we provide for crew change in Bangladesh Ports, at Chattogram Port, Mongla port and Dhaka

1Issuance of OK TO BOARD
2Meet & Greet Services at Airport (DHK/CTG) Point of Entry/Exit
3Crew SIGN ON for Foreign Nationals at CTG port
4Crew SIGN OFF for Foreign Nationals at CTG port
5Air Ticket (Domestic Chittagong to Dhaka)
5Air Ticket (Domestic service DHAKA to CHITTAGONG)
6COVID-19 Test and Report Arrangement on Urgent Basic

Reliable Partner for Ship Owners and Crew Manning Companies in Bangladesh.

Best Cooperation for crew change program in Bangladesh. Especially when to have a very tight schedule for vessel berthing and sailing, Panocean can help you for the emergency sign on or off the program. We have experience in this area and the number of references can be given to cross-check. Panocean team members experience for more than 8 years and maintaining a good relationship with all concerned authorities which are must for efficient crew change program.

Reliable Partner for Ship Owners and Crew Manning Companies in Bangladesh.

Normally, crew members join at Chittagong and Mongla ports when vessels are here. Even they also need to fly back to destination airport once shipowners so desire. This page will give detail information as regards crew SIGN-ON or OFF documentations, expense, Domestic and International flights etc.

We always appreciate efficient management for crew change program in Bangladesh. If there is any on signer and off signer for any vessel currently at Chittagong or Mongla, then there should have total planning well in advance. On signer needs OK to board and off signer need to complete formalities prior to flying for the destination country. Now due to COVID-19 and other related issues, Bangladesh immigration and shipping office imposed several restrictions in sign-on/off the program. However, we can arrange smooth and quickest way for crew sign and off from any port of Bangladesh.


01. The working day for Immigration formalities: Sun to Thursday. However, a special arrangement can be made. 
02. When off signer crew member should leave from the vessel and when they can go to Airport: We need to bring crew member to shore early morning to complete local formalities at working day. It takes 4 to 6 hours. Then they can be taken to Chittagong International Airport after 4 pm or they can be taken to Hotel as per owners desire.
03. What is perfect timing for flights from Chittagong: Please book tickets from Chittagong any time after 5 PM.
04. When off signer documents need to be at our hand: We need documents one working day earlier to do off signers formalities smoothly. If required our official can board the vessel to collect the documents. Boat charge and local communication charge for collecting documents will be USD65.00. If there is any weather danger signal then we don’t send our staff to anchorage for safety reason.
05. Is there any other expense: No. We charge USD80 to USD100 for per person sign off expenses. There is no other charge involved.
06. Hotel and Fooding Expense: It depends on Hotel Quality. We recommend for safe Hotel. At 2 or 3 stars safe hotel, with the set menu, Hotel and Fooding expense may range within USD85 to USD150 per day per person. In 4 or 5-star hotels it will be much more.

07. How Hotel and Fooding Expense can be avoided: Crew member should be brought to shore in the early morning and should be taken to the airport prior evening then only Hotel charge can be avoided.
08. Emergency Sign off: Yes, it is possible. The charge will be USD120-200 per person for carrying out formalities on the same day by engaging two to three person for completing the different task on the same day. For this reason, also crew member needs to come to shore early morning before 9 am with documents and safe manning. For more details, reach us at
09. What is the transportation charge if vessel at anchorage, for sign off of 2 member: First of all we need to bring documents from vessel one day earlier and this will cost USD65 ( boat and local transportation) then in the following day we will bring 2 members from vessel to shore by boat ( USD40.00) and shore to immigration/ customs office then airport (about USD100)

10. Supernumerary persons expense: As sign off will be carried out for Supernumerary persons, extra misc immigration charge may range within USD 150.00 to USD 220.00  per person.

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What Needs to be done for Sign on-off

01. We can carry out sign on / off for foreign vessels from Chittagong and Mongla.

02. We can arrange sign off for demo vessel’s crew. 
03. Joi

ners need OK TO BOARD for immigration on arrival. We issue this OK TO BOARD. On arrival, we receive on signer at airport and take them to vessel.

04. OK TO BOARD, passport and seaman books details are required.

05. For demo vessel’s off signer, we can arrange AC bus for team transportation from Chittagong to Dhaka if their International flight is from Dhaka.

06. We can arrange local and International Tickets if owners so desire.
07. We can arrange Hotel [ 1 to 5 stars] and food arrangements, based on requirements if owners so desire.
08. For off signer, we need documents one day earlier. And we bring crew member to shore in the early morning.
08. We charge USD80 to USD100 per person for sign on / off, based on the number of crew members. No other charge involved. It’s for Chittagong. Sign on expense for Mongla port will increase.


01. Hotels quality of service range from 1 star to 5 star.
02. Radisson, Peninsular, Agrabad Hotel, Saint Martin are the listed hotels ensure security.
03. Single bed and twin sharing rooms are available.
04. Room rent differs irrespective to Hotels.
05. The charge may range USD40 to USD250per night.
06. Hotel charge in case of Sign on or off, for Mongla port, will increase


01. Food is normally spicy.
02. Breakfast, lunch and dinner charge per person will range with USD20 to USD300.00 + 


Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport, IATA code: CGP, City: Chittagong


01.Flydubai ( Destination: Dubai, UAE)
02.Regent Airways (Destination: Kolkata, India & Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Muscat, Malaysia)
03.US Bangla Airways (Destination: Kolkata, India & Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Muscat, Malaysia, Doha) ttps:// 
04. Air Arabia( Destination: Sharjah)



01.Regent Airways (Destination: Dhaka) 
02. US-Bangla Airlines (Destination: Dhaka) 
03.Novoair (Destination: Dhaka) 04.Biman Bangladesh Airlines (Destination: Dhaka)
05.Bangladesh Biman (Destination: Dhaka)