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Ship Spare Custom Clearance at Chittagong, Mongla, Dhaka.

Main Concerns for Ship Owners/Suppliers. 

Ship Spare in transit for vessels calling at Chittagong Port, Mongla port or Payra port of Bangladesh needs extra care once they arrive at Dhaka or Chittagong Airport. Shipowners/ spares suppliers need to have efficient shipping agents or protective agents to handle the ship spare, carry out required custom clearance and delivery at vessel within a short period of time. Since 2003, we are serving at Chittagong ( renamed Chattogram), Mongla, and Dhaka. Reliability, efficiency, and long-term service relationship are our business policies in Bangladesh.



In order to do custom clearance of Marine Ship Spares, the following are the main concern for any ship owners/ supplier, once their vessel is at Chittagong or bound for any Maritime Port of Bangladesh.

01. Whether the ship spares will be cleared properly from Airport and in time.

02. Whether the spares will be delivered at the vessel before vessels sailing time.

03. If there is an emergency repair at the vessel, then whether it is possible to do the emergency custom clearance for spares once couriered for Bangladesh as in transit spare.

04. Finally Charges Involved and the Reliability of the service provider.


24-hour basis, 365 days Service Inquiry:

How We Can Help You at Chittagong, Mongla Port In Respect of Ship Spare Parts clearance in Bangladesh.

Panoncean Limited is registered with Bangladesh joint-stock companies and enlisted with Port Authority and Customs. Being declaring agents or OPA.  And once appointed, we want to confirm the following –

 01. In time customs clearance of ship spares

02. Updating the requirements for ship spares clearance

03. Arranging transportation from Dhaka to Chittagong / Mongla or Payra in a secured way and delivery the same at vessel whether at berth or at anchorage.

04. Obtain work done certificate from Master for safe delivery of the spares at vessel.

PANOCEAN LIMITED wants to assure you to do quickest customs clearance for ship spares, arrange safe transportation to delivery the spares at vessel within the committed time period. Indeed, we will take full responsibility and liability once assigned for customs clearance and delivery ship spares at the vessel whether at Chattogram or Mongla or Payra port/anchorage.


Panocean is experienced in this area. Since 2003, the company is committed to ensuring dedicated professional service 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances.  Probably, we are the only company at Chittagong from whom you can expect any reply within a very short period of time.  Cost-effective and prompt solution for ship spare in transit is our prime policy to establish long term relationship. We always welcome our new principals to check with the shipowners for whom we have worked, if there are any referral requirements. This will make you more confident to deal with us. 

Panocean  Limited can act as shipping agents for Chittagong or Mongla or Payra and even can act as OPA.  Once PANOCEAN LTD. is assigned to do customs clearance for ship spare then owners or share suppliers need to comply with some formalities for smooth customs clearance in Bangladesh and delivery the same at vessel whether it is at Port inner harbor or anchorage.



Requirements & Recommendations for Ship Spare In Transit Delivery at Vessel at Chittagong, Mongla, or Anchorage in Bangladesh.

Panocean Limited is well experienced in handling ship spares. Whether it requires custom clearance or sourcing from local scrap vessel yards. Mostly spares come from Greece, Germany, China, Turkey, India to Bangladesh. The rules are applicable to all countries and would like to mention some issues which ship owners or spare suppliers should keep into consideration. 

01.    Ship’s sphere should be marked as Ship’s spare in Transit in AWBL.

02. It is recommended to send the Ship’s sphere in transit by Courier mode not under LC mode.  It should be mention as Ship Spares in Transit, Master of MV/ MT… C/O Shipping agents name who will be nominated to do the customs clearance of spares from Dhaka or Chittagong Airport.

02.    Customs authority prefers that spares need to arrive at Bangladesh airport after the vessel’s arrival at Chittagong or Mongla port ( Recommended). However, in many cases, we see that spares arrive at the airport before vessel arrival.

03.    Normally it takes 3 to 4 working days to release any ship’s spare. 

04.    Master needs to issue an email with the request to release the ship’s spares addressing the concerned agents so that the agents can provide the same to customs broker who ultimately will show this to local customs while declaring as ship’s spare. Informatively, concerned OPA  or agents will take the endorsement of attending customs officer at that email, issued by Master.

05.    Once the spare delivered at the vessel, the master needs to issue a note and endorsement of the delivery document, which once again will be submitted at Custom ( recommended as per local customs requirements).

Charges Involved- 

a.   Custom clearance charges including Govt VAT. 

b.  Courier charge from Dhaka to Chittagong

c.    Local handling/ labour/ transportation charge at Dhaka airport to courier point – 

d.    Local handling / Two labour Charge to board the vessel with spare parts

e.    Transportation charge at Chittagong

e.    Boat charge (at Anchorage) (Life Boat) 

P.N+ Customs Clearance charge for ship spares against each AWBL, not by boxes. 

Indeed, Panocean Limited. Bangladesh wants to establish long term business relationship with Ship Owners or spare parts suppliers. LUMPSUM quote can be provided and which will be most competitive for the secured delivery of spares. Have many records so far where we did a great job to deliver the spares at vessel once there is inclement weather condition even or vessel is in an emergency to have the same for special repair purpose or sailing date is approaching and need the spares on urgnent basis at vessel.


Our Principals ( Most Recent)

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We Avoid Any Conflit of Interest

Panocean always dedicated to protecting shipowners/charterer’s interest, project consultancy, project management for tanker vessel’s cleaning operation, online live reporting for survey operation. The company is registered with Joint Stock Company In Bangladesh and is the sister concern of Coast To Coast P&I Services LtdPanocean team is unable to assist any Principals or clients for any service, whatsoever, where Coast To Coast P&I Services Ltd. is involved and may cause any conflict of interest.  Regret the inconvenience caused due to our company policy. 

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