Chittagong Port Authority New Circular for Navigation at Kutubdia and Anchorage

Chittagong Port recently served a circular for all shipowners whether calling at Port to discharge cargo or bunkering or for any survey operation. As per their circular, “Pilotage/ Navigation Assistance Service is compulsory for incoming ships with draft more than 10 meters, highly recommended for a vessel of draft 9.5 to 10 meters and recommended for any other vessels bound for Chittagong outer anchorage “A”, “B”, & “C” from Kutubdia,. However ship’s masters having previous experience to call Chittagong port as Master, may be allowed to obtain exemption.

Agent of any vessel having draft more than 9.5 meters and bound for “A” anchorage will notify CPA at least three (03) days prior to proceed Chittagong outer anchorage. After receiving notification from agent, the anchorage position at “A” anchorage will be demarked. Such vessels need to take all measures including Pilot/Navigational Facilitator to stay on board until draft reduce to 9.5 meters/dragging tendency eliminated and while shifting from one to another anchorage. The agents have to report CPA about draft, last 24 hrs. cargo discharge etc. as the manner of berthing meeting/update such information in CPA Digital Berthing System”.

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