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Panocean Limited boasts extensive expertise in agency services, adeptly handling cargo discharge and vessel deliveries at the renowned ports of Chittagong (now Chattogram) and Matarbari. Our dedicated team is perpetually prepared to provide comprehensive services to our esteemed Principals. Our portfolio spans the spectrum of shipping agent services, encompassing port operations, berthing, coordination across relevant ports, and comprehensive husbandry services. We stand as stalwart supporters, guiding the Master in navigating the intricacies of vessel and crew requirements within the waters of Bangladesh, ensuring the seamless clearance of the ship with the port authorities. With unwavering precision, we expertly navigate vessels through the Kutubdia anchorage, guaranteeing a safe and collision-free passage to the port. Trust Panocean Limited for all your maritime agency needs, where experience and excellence converge seamlessly.

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Services Provided Being Agents in Bangladesh for Chattogram, Matarbari and Mongla Ports.

  • Updating port as regards the vessel’s arrival.
  • Completing formalities with port and customs.
  • Booking vessels inward, on arrival, and outward after completion of discharge.
  • Arrange the pilot and tug boat services if required.
  • Updating information on the crews to the local immigration authorities
  • Preparing a quarantine pre-arrival report
  • Advising Customs of the ship’s arrival, boarding at the vessel, and reporting the cargo on board
  • Support OPA activities and coordinate if there are any other companies involved.
  • Logistics support for bunkering and survey arrangement if required.
  • Updating the stevedore with the ship’s planner along with the manifest.
  • We do maintain liaising with stevedores and terminal operators to ensure the safe handling of containers, break-bulk and bulk liquids, and ensuring that the ship’s master is aware of shore requirements
  • Sing on and sign off for crews.
  • Carrying our the formalities associated with immigration for crew changes and performing documentation, arrangements of flights.
  • Paying the crew
  • Cooperating for ship services including repairs and maintenance.
  • Coordinating with attending surveyors.
  • Arranging vessel’s sailing formalities and port clearance after completion of discharge.

PORT AGENCY service is offered when any shipowners or charterer looking for an independent shipping agency at Chittagong, Matarbari or Mongla to declare their vessel at Port, arrange immediate berthing or discharge operation,  arrange barges, stevedore, ensure SOF for vessel’s interest and delivery of cargo with BL/ LOI as per Principals instruction. In addition of port agency, Panocean Limited is well known for on hire/ off bunker survey service at Chittagong and Mongla, Bangladesh. 

OPA SERVICE: Most of the shipowners or even Charterers require OPA at Chittagong and other ports, as discharge port agents mostly are recommended by sub-charterer or cargo receiver. Crew sign-on/ off, Ships spare customs clearance are often required here. Delay in communication, discharge, and placement of lighter vessel for STS operation, stevedore/ lighter damage to the vessel and SOF manipulation to favor receiver are quite frequent. 

DISCHARGE SUPERVISION: Panocean is experienced in the Marine and Cargo surveys. Once requested to keep Principals’ eye on the vessel, Panocean survey team can offer complete cargo discharge supervision with LIVE reporting in addition of  OPA assistance. Cargo supervision includes following and indeed in a cost-effective manner for followings-

01. Discharging supervision
02. Daily cargo report
03. Barge itinerary
04. Daily SOF recap
05. Stevedore activity monitoring
06. Daily activity coordination with Charterers agent
07. Assisting Master upon request (relaying same to us in writing)

08. Rendering CTM, crew sign-on/ off, demucking at the anchorage of Chattogram Port, Fresh Water supply at Chittagong and Mongla Ports as OPA. Customs Clearance for ship’s spares or Fender arrangement etc.

Navigating Excellence in Maritime Services Since 2003

Panocean Ltd., an enduring presence at Chattogram Port since 2003, stands as a trusted maritime partner in vessel declaration and the meticulous oversight of cargo discharge operations, both at berths and anchorages, within the fiercely competitive Port DA. Our hallmark lies in the seamless orchestration of documentation formalities, coupled with the provision of additional services as Owner’s Protective Agency (OPA), ensuring swift responses to vessel requirements, be it repairs, spares, fresh water, or inspections.

Our formidable team, a cadre of seasoned maritime professionals, possesses unparalleled expertise in navigating the intricacies of port and custom formalities, documentations, marine surveys, and the coordination of cargo and hull inspections. This collective prowess has firmly established Panocean Ltd. as the epitome of reliability and dependability, not only at Chattogram but also at the maritime gateways of Mongla and Matarbari.

In the maritime domain, where every passing moment holds significance and emergencies lurk on the horizon, our dedicated team remains on a perpetual voyage, offering unwavering 24/7 support. Our distinction lies in providing reliable and competitive support for ship supply services, ensuring the swift availability of critical spares, and the ready deployment of skilled technicians, setting us apart as unparalleled in Bangladesh. We transcend the conventional role of mere shipping agents; we are guardians of discharge supervision, presenting live video feeds and imagery to provide a crystal-clear perspective of a vessel’s sojourn in Bangladesh, whether at anchorage or amidst the vast expanse of deep-sea domains. Panocean Ltd. — Where Maritime Excellence and Unwavering Commitment Converge.

Off Hire Bunker + Condition Survey

Principals are requested to provide the following if we need to carry out the off-hire bunker and/ or condition survey –

  • Name of owner
  • Consumption information
  • Name of charterer
  • Redelivery place
  • Any other special instruction
  • The names of charterer and owner are to be entered in the re-delivery certificate.

Read More about Off Hire Survey

Crew Sign/ Off

Shipowners are requested to ensure that on signer arriving with OK to board and off signer have time to complete local formalities which normally takes 1 working day.  Read More…..

Additional Service

Panocean is a team of 20 officials at Head Office Chittagong to coordiante activities like

  • Underwater Cleaning 
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Marine Supply
  • Ship’s Spare CUSTOM Clearance and Delivery at Vessel. 
  • CTM
  • Radio  Repair and More. ….

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