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We are pleased to offer fumigation services for bulk and tanker vessels calling at the maritime ports of Bangladesh. Within 48 hours notice, we can take all required permission for carrying out pest control formalities at any maritime port in Bangladesh. It’s essential to understand that these are general points from the IMO guidelines, and we work to ensure the same for every project adhering to international regulations, and upholding the ship operator’s reputation in the maritime industry. Our enlisted fumigation companies carry out fumigation of imports, exports, containers, wood packaging material, and transport vessels. Standby teams are ready to promptly and professionally carry out large and small-scale fumigation work.  

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Vessel Fumigation to prevent the transportation of pests.

Vessel fumigation is a critical procedure in global trade, ensuring that pests are not inadvertently introduced to new regions, potentially causing ecological and economic damage. Proper training, safety measures, and regulation adherence are paramount to its success. The primary purpose of vessel fumigation is to prevent the transportation of pests from one place to another. This is vital for ships carrying agricultural products, as certain pests can wreak havoc on local ecosystems if introduced to new areas.

Notes: 1: IMO Vessel Fumigation Guidelines

Pest Control On Vessel at Port and Anchorage

Pest control on vessels is of major importance as pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and mosquitoes are linked to the spread of international disease. Best quotation at Chittagong, Mongla  Port for cockroaches, Bedbugs, Ants, Millipedes, Rat & any other Control Service at Ship.  Termites can destroy your valuable files, wooden doors, furniture, and any shorts of your property. We provide permanent controlling measures to save your valuable things by injecting appropriate termicides, making holes through proper equipment on the Floor, a False Ceiling, and wooden items within the affected area. In particular, we take permanent termite proofing measures with special chemicals and Termiticide applications at ships calling Chittagong and other ports.

vessel pest control is vital for safeguarding the health of onboard personnel, ensuring the protection and acceptability of cargo, maintaining the ship’s structure, adhering to international regulations, and upholding the ship operator’s reputation in the maritime industry.  It’s crucial for those involved in vessel fumigation to be familiar with the complete set of IMO guidelines and any local or regional regulations that may also apply.

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IMO Vessel Fumigation Guidelines

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) sets standards for the safe fumigation of ships, ensuring the protection of crew and cargo. Key provisions mandate the prior notification of ship masters about intended fumigation details, including the type and quantity of fumigant. It is imperative to vacate affected areas, display clear warning signs, and provide personal protective equipment to all involved personnel. Only approved fumigants should be used, strictly adhering to manufacturer recommendations.

Post-fumigation, thorough ventilation is vital to remove residual fumigants, followed by tests to ensure spaces are gas-free. A certification confirming the absence of harmful fumigant levels is then issued. Furthermore, ships must have emergency procedures for accidental exposures and ensure training for all involved in the fumigation process. Proper documentation of the entire procedure is also required.

Ship Pest Control Measures

Primary Preventive Actions: Maintaining sanitation and hygiene is paramount. This entails thorough cleaning and disinfection of the entire ship, notably the galley, crew quarters, and cargo holds. Preventive measures like sealing cracks and crevices in the hull and superstructure are vital to deter pests. Regular inspections of incoming cargo and supplies help identify early signs of infestations, while continuous monitoring, using traps and bait stations, is essential. Crew training in pest identification, reporting, and preventive tactics ensures a holistic approach to pest control.

Targeted Measures for Specific Pests: Certain pests demand specialized preventive actions. For cockroaches, covering food and water sources and maintaining a grease-free environment are crucial. Rodents require both the elimination of food sources and the sealing of entry points in the ship’s structure. Mosquitoes pose their unique challenge, necessitating the use of nets and screens for protection and the removal of any standing water aboard the ship to prevent breeding.

Additional Pest Control Tips: Inspecting both incoming and outgoing cargo is essential, as pests can hide within. If needed, treating cargo with pesticides can prevent pest migrations. Secure food and water storage, proper trash disposal, and overall cleanliness make the environment less hospitable for pests, aiding in keeping ships pest-free.

Protective Agency For Ship Pest Control & Inspection at Chittagong & Mongla

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Panocean is serving as Protective Agent in Bangladesh since 2003. Husbanding services based on the demand by Ship OWNER, CHARTERER, CAPTAIN of the Vessel within Bangladesh territorial water from deep-sea Kutubdia to Chittagong and MonglaOur team is compatible to deliver best services in such competitive Shipping Industries. Professional support is available in 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances in Bangladesh. Panocean  always appreciate your email at info@panoceanbd.com for any kind of requirements in Bangladesh ports, indeed, when you feel the requirements of cost-effective & most reliable instant support for your vessel.

Chittagong and Mongla are two major ports of Bangladesh. Shipowners mostly allow their vessel to call at this port under Time Charter or Voyage Charter. As shipping agents are nominated by the charterer, in order to protect the interest of shipowners or operator, they often appoint a professional company as agent for the port to supervise activities of the shipping agent (charterer’s), monitor the discharge operation, expediting lighter arrangement i.e monitoring the day-to-day operations on behalf of shipowners or operator. PANOCEAN LIMITED business mainly focuses on OPA service rather than handling for direct port agents. We also carry out pest control and ship disinfection service at Chittagong and Mongla port. Since 2003, Panocean is involved in this industry and ensures cost-effective first-class OPA services to owners/operators ensuring safeguard/protect of vessel’s interest in whatever manner necessary or things to do. The said services can be summarized as below:

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