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Professional Service by Ship Supply Wing of Panocean Group

Ship Chandler at Chittagong Port

Service 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances

Ship’s calling at Chittagong port and anchorage requires quality Ship Chandler service for a quality product.

Panocean Group pleased to launch Ship Supply wing with competitive pricing strategy at Chittagong, Matarbari and Kutubdia anchorage. We never compromise with quality and quantity. Shipowners or manager looking for the best quality provision, bonded store, safety or deck equipment at a competitive price with quality, then Panocean Group’s supply wing probably the best option. We value your and our time as well. Whether it is the vessel or off-shore projects at Chittagong anchorage, we ensure in-time delivery against cash onboard by Master, or through DA desk or remittance directly from Principals.

Why Panocean service for your vessel when there is any requirements for quality ship chandler at Chittagong and anchorage? 

Our purchasing department team comprises honest people who understand their ethical responsibility. Examines the quality issues more carefully. We always source products from quality stores to ensure that the correct balance of price and quality is always achieved. 



Since 2003, Panocean Limited providing cost-effective comprehensive service at Chittagong port and anchorage area for all types of repair work. In case, any service is not covered within Panocean professional expertise coverage, then we will assign our associate partners who are also experienced for more than 10 years and work for us ensuring all quality. 

We are not Cheap, We are Competitive.

No Credit Facility | Payment On Board Vessel After Supply

Quality Never Compromised for Pricing or obtaining order.

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Support Person

Professional OPA Service

Service 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances

supplying fresh veggies, fruits and meat to ships in transit

Technical , Provision & Bonded Stores Supply.

Dunnage Supply. Chemical & Cleaning Materials

Charts & Nautical Publications Supply.

Lubricant Oils & Compressor oils

Fumigation services and treatments to marine and offshore facilities, ships, trucks and containers

cleaning the ships cargo holds and tanks

Servicing and Refilling of Co2/Oxygen/Acetylene Cylinders.

Servicing of Life Rafts & Safety Equipment's

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Support Person

Reliable Partner for Ship Owners in Bangladesh.

Our official will board the vessel who will have the report of COVID-19 test. We never compromise with the quality issue and master will receive all supply, will issue the report and make the payment onboard or before the vessel’s sailing. More about our terms and conditions for marine supply at Chittagong. Please check our marine supply page

Professional service

Regular Services at Maritime Ports 

Crew Sign On/ Off at Chittagong and Mongla

Panocean became in the confidence of many shipowners worldwide for the most reliable crew sign and sign off service at Chittagong and Mongla port of Bangladesh. Involvement includes the issuance of OK to board, receiving crews at the airport; accommodation, food & transportation arrangements and carrying out immigration, port and customs formalities indeed at most competitive charges. 

 Off Hire Bunker and Condition Survey

On-Hire (Off-Hire) Condition and Bunker Surveys are our regular service at Chittagong ( now Chattogram) and Mongla. The team comprises competent master mariner surveyors. In addition of port agency service, our survey wing is well known to the shipping community for the most reliable outcome.

Port Captaincy for Navigation Assiance and  Discharge Supervision

Port Captaincy is our well know service for Chittagong and Mongla, required to assist Master while navigating at Kutubdia or anchorage or during cargo discharge in order to avoid any collision or grounding. The vessel is always responsible for safe navigation and our experienced Master mariners can guide master in the right manner whatever the circumstance. 

Custom Clearance, Ships Spares & Marine Repair

Panocean service involves custom brokerage at Chittagong and Dhaka airport especially for ship spares in transit. Even support also includes soucing required to recondition/ new spares from demo yards, doing inspection and supply at the vessel. Have own engineer team to assist any vessel all repair support, NO CURE NO PAY basis, whenever requested. 


  • Fresh, frozen, chilled, tinned; local and imported
  • Baking products and fresh bread
  • Fresh dairy and long-life alternative products
  • Fresh and canned meat, fish, fruit and vegetables
  • A wide assortment of cold cuts and fast food products
  • A wide variety of cereals
  • Dry Provisions

Bonded Store

  • Cigarettes and Tobacco
  • Liqueurs and Spirits
  • Table wine
  • Beer and soft drinks
  • Sweets and desserts
  • Perfumes and extra items

Deck, Mechanical & Engine Spares

  • Marine paints and chemicals, Lubricant Oils
  • Electrical equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Life rafts maintenance, service and supplies
  • Hatchcover tape, available in sizes 3″ / 4″ / 6″
  • Brown Tapes
  • Plastic/Tarpauline/Craft papers
  • Cabin stores in different qualities
  • Ropes, hawsers and wire cables
  • Valves
  • Oil joint Sheet
  • Rubber joint sheets

Safety Equipment

  • SOLAS and MMD approved safety equipment
  • Immersion suits & Chemical suits
  • IMO Symbols / Signs
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Firefighting equipment including hoses with various types of couplings
  • AFFF protein foam and powder extinguishers
  • Breathing devices
  • We have our own Liferafts Service Station at Gujurat i.e for Kandla / Mundra Port
  • Lifebuoys and Life jackets.

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Cargo Survey

A number of Insurance companies, International freight forwarders, P&I Clubs and exporters are mostly our clients for whom we carry out container unloading surveys at Port and ICD facilities at Chittagong, Mongla, and Dhaka. We always ensure detail reporting supported by image & videos. 

Project cargo is our professional expertised area which mostly includes Pre-loading and out-turn surveys; unloading and delivery supervision; logistics facility; stowage, blocking and bracing consulting; Warranty surveys, Loss Surveys and claim management.  

Experienced staff surveyors are always in reporting mode which we convey to our clients through our online survey portal as almost LIVE. This service is active 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances. 

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Protect Interest at Chittagong, Matarbari and Mongla

Chittagong and Mongla are two major ports of Bangladesh. Shipowners mostly allow their vessels to call at this port under Time Charter or Voyage Charter. As shipping agents are nominated by the charterer, in order to protect the interest of shipowners or operator, they often appoint a professional company as agent for the port to supervise activities of the shipping agent (charterer’s), monitor the discharge operation, expediting lighter arrangement i.e monitoring the day-to-day operations on behalf of shipowners or operator. 

Best OPA service

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Our Principals ( Most Recent)

 We Served for Crew Sign On/ Off, OPA, CTM, Ship Spares In Transit, Tank Cleaning, Garbage Offlanding, Fresh Water Supply

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  • DD Shipping Ltd., S.A., Russia.
  • Johann M.K. Blumenthal GmbH & Co. KG,.Germany
  • Legacy Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. UAE
  • J.P.Samartzis Maritime Enterprises Co.S.A.
  • Legacy Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. UAE
    Niovis Shipping Co. S.A. Greece
  • Synergy Oceanic Services India Pvt. Ltd. India.
  • MARTI Shipping & Ship Management Co, Inc,. Turkey
  • Blue Seas Shipping S.A
  • Lpl Shipping S.A
  • J.P.Samartzis Maritime Enterprises Co. S.A.
  • J.P.Samartzis Maritime Enterprises Co. S.A.
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  • The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd
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  • Almi Marine Management S.A.
  • Probulk Shipping & Trading
  • Mim Maritime Inc
  • Allseas Marine SA
  • Istanbul Shipping Co
  • Seapioneer Shipping Co. Ltd
  • Access Shipping Ltd.
  • Legacy Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sinosea Global Shipping Co. Ltd
  • Lianyi Shipping
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  • Orhan Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
  • Wallem Group
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  • Waypoint Port Services Private Limited.

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