De-Slopping, De-Mucking & Disposal Service at Chittagong

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PANOCEAN LIMITED is one of the most trusted marine services company in Bangladesh that provides professional de-slopping, de-mucking, and disposal solutions for all types and sizes of vessels. Below are our areas of expertise:

Primary focus on vessel’s emergency service, de-slopping, de-mucking, tank cleaning, sludge disposal,  deck & engine repair and Accessories

  • De-slopping

Due to the high pressure of water used in tank washing, a huge volume of water gets mixed with the oils in the tank of your vessel. De-slopping is necessary to remove the mix water or oily water in your tank. This is considered as hazardous substance that should be dealt with properly and according to the standard procedures of waste disposal. At Greensea, you can trust that our de-slopping process is safe and properly performed.

  • De-mucking

Whether your vessel is undergoing docking or repair, we perform extensive de-mucking of your tank. De-mucking involves cleaning of oily sludge and mixed water at the bottom of the tank, before lifting it up to the main deck to prepare for packaging. For maximum efficiency and best effort, we bundle our de-mucking procedures with scraping and sludge packaging.

  • Disposal and Treatment of Sludge

At Greensea, we ensure that all our marine services and tank cleaning procedures are safe and in accordance to Port and IMO regulation. This means that when we treat and dispose of sludge carefully and consciously. After de-mucking, we manually scrape the sludge at the bottom of your tank, lift it up, and package it into a high-quality sludge bag, avoiding unnecessary spillage and disposing it accordingly.

At Greensea, we make your tank cleaning fast, easy, and environmental-safe. We will take care of you de-slopping, de-mucking, and disposal needs so you can focus on your business and operations.

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